Ava Max의 《Kings & Queens》

Kings & Queens If every king puts the queen on the throne, open the champagne and toast to all the queens fighting alone Baby, you’re not dancing alone. You can’t live without me. I don’t think it’s funny, but honey, I can’t run this show alone. I’ll show you how the real queen behaves. Oh, troubled girl, you don’t have to save me.Once you start smoking fire, you can’t tame me and you may think I’m weak without a sword, but if I had it, it’s bigger than yours. If all the kings let the queen ascend the throne, we’ll open champagne and toast. Baby, you’re not dancing. Listen to me. Then I’ll change it with your head and make it a world you won’t forget,You’re not dancing at your chess, the king can move one space at a time, but the queen is free to go anywhere she wants. If you get too close, you feel like you’re breathing in (living) and if every king puts the queen to the throne, I’ll open the champagne and toast. Baby, you’re not dancing alone

He was born in 1994, Av ax a Max King, in the United States singer and songwriter and Queen, it’s] journey.Avalon was ethnically Albanian American opera singer mother, father is a pianist to have an interest in music from an early age, a variety of apparently took part in the contest.One day, my brother invited to a friend’s birthday party, though who sang an early congratulatory gesture, which partners together as a composer on to today is the acquaintance Mark and I am.By 2016, the disclosure of the sound in the cloud 「 A Canyon Imagery You in the Atlantic to sign a contract to records and thanks to a popular 」 is.a single launch in 2018 「 Sweet but California, Berkeley, School 」 P became hot to the power of a popular title, the Billboard Hot 100.Kickstarter debut album in March of the lead single 「 and Settings 」 has been released with a Queen, hot 100 provides for the 13th they became very popular on the Billboard Hot 100.[ Kings, Avado’s first album is] Q that we’ve put and < Heaven (manga) & HelloXSLTIncoming.xsd > on female power in songs recorded. It’s the game went on sale three years since more than a TikTok, YouTube from other services such as BG still used as a popular.


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